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Producents for whom we develop software

We have created  sponsored versions of our software used for design of sanitary installations for the largest Polish and European producers of pipes, radiators and valves.


Sponsored versions of our software is prepared for the needs of our partners and enable them to  promote their products and services effectively.


Our sponsored programs are successfully used by more than 30 manufacturers and distributors operating in the installation market.



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Producents whose products we promote

In Audytor series software we promote HVAC equipment of manufacturers and distributors which products are essential in construction of sanitary installations.


The popularity of our programs ensures that the catalog data of products can easily reach to thousands of designers using SANKOM software.


More than 150 producers and distributors benefit from our offer and update their databases of products regularly.


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Companies with whom we co-organize trainings

Together with our partners we have conducted hundreds of presentations showing the way that our software works (displaying their features and capabilities). We have conducted many trainings in the form of workshops, in which participants learn about programs and create their own projects.


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Software distribution and promotion

We invite publishers, software distributors and other companies associated with the heating industry to cooperate in the distribution of our software.