Audytor FC

Audytor SET 7.3

The Audytor SET program is designed to graphically support the design and adjustment of central heating installations, cold, hot and circulation water installations as well as central cooling installations in which the medium is water or glycol water.

What's new in version 7.3?


Your benefits from purchasing the FC module?

  1. Fast estimation of thermal power for rooms based on the room inserted in the drawing and the default data set in the program for the FC module.
  2. The FC module makes it possible to perform calculations of installation sections as soon as they are drawn and thus check their correct description, making the designing faster, easier and more controlled. After completing the full structure of the installation, we get the effect of full calculations.
  3. It is possible to select the elements of installation without drawing the full structure of the network, as long as the necessary data for the selection of these elements are declared (applies to the module CH, CC, H2O):
  • Estimated selection of radiators on the basis of power and internal temperature for the room and default radiator supply parameters (applies to CH).
  • Selection of pipe diameter on the basis of the necessary flow rate for the designated recipient or water intake point (applies to CH, CC, H2O).
  • Fast selection of floor radiators on the basis of analysis of room parameters (applies to CH).
  • Possibility to perform hydraulic calculations with adjustments for a drawn part of the installation (applies to CC, CH, H2O).
  1. Improvements in the design process of surface installations with the use of the fast calculator allowing also to determine the cooling capacity of surface radiators for installations operating in switching mode (heating/cooling) (for the possibility of estimating cooling, the CC and CH module must be active).


New concept of work with SET program

The new Fast Calculation (FC) module in the SET Auditor provides the opportunity for simplified installation design. It also makes it possible to speed up the creation of professional designs

In professional design mode, elements of simplified design can be used to streamline the design process (fast estimation of heat loss in the absence of results from the OZC program, selection of space heating concepts, etc.).

Both the simplified design and the detailed professional design are saved in the same file, which facilitates further work with the project.


Fast calculations of room thermal load

This function enables calculation of the value of room thermal load in a simplified manner based on a few basic parameters.

Thanks to this function, the designer can select the appropriate method of heating the room and get an idea of the type of heating equipment to be used in the room.

The surface layout suggested by the program can be inserted into the floor plan drawing.

Fast selection of elements without the need to draw the entire installation

When performing fast calculations, the program selects radiator power and duct diameters even if the heat source is not entered. From the default values declared in the general data, it inherits the parameters separately for the installation with radiators, separately for underfloor heating and places a virtual source in the resulting drawing.



Automatic generation of simplified connection routes

After selecting the manifold and individual receivers, the program generates simplified connections automatically.


Moduły programu

The Audytor SET consists of the following modules:


Module of cold and hot water installation with circulation.

More about the program

Module of central heating installation, including underfloor heating.

More about the program

Module of central cooling installation.

More about the program

Quick calculation module. It is an extension of the functionality of other modules. It does not function independently.


More about the program


  • Individual modules cooperate with each other and use a common 2D and 3D graphic environment.
  • The modules can also work indepedently if it is necessary to design only one system of installation (except for the FC module).
  • Each module is activated by a separate license key,
  • License keys run individual modules in the Basic or Pro version.
  • It is possible to run the program using a trial license.

Function of quick calculation of underfloor radiators

This function makes it possible to perform calculations for a group of underfloor radiators during the design process, before the complete calculation of the installation. Thanks to this, it is possible to quickly test the response of the calculation results to individual data (e.g. supply temperature, heating floor structure, diameter of the pipes, spacing of pipes, division into several circuits, etc.).

The function of quick selection of underfloor radiators allows to determine:

  • possible supply temperature range for individual radiators 
  • maximum supply temperature for the indicated group of radiators 
  • proposed division of coils in order to meet the criteria of maximum hydraulic resistance and maximum length   
  • proposed division of coils in order to reduce the differences in resistance between coils and to facilitate hydraulic balancing of the installation.

Import of building bases in PDF format

The Audytor program has long been able to import drawings in many popular formats. DWG and DXF formats are particularly suitable for technical drawings. However, in market practice, a large part of the documentation is provided in PDF files. Although it is a general format and not addressed to technical drawings, due to frequent use, the Audytor SET software has the option of importing drawings also in this format.


Drawing of underfloor heating coils

The program has expanded the possibilities of automatic drawing of floor heating coils. Currently, the user can choose one of the following ways to create a given coil:

  • spiral with clockwise direction
  • spiral with counter-clockwise direction
  • meander coil.

Besides, the user can edit (correct) the coil shape created by the program.

New graphic design of the Audytor SET program

The graphic design has been changed in the program - both in terms of the graphic style and window organization. Thanks to this, they have become even more transparent 

Możliwości modułu FC zainstalowanego z innymi modułami





Simplified Φhl power calculations    
Fast selection of radiators with division of heating system    
Automatic and manual mode of floor radiators selection    
Possibility of automatic insertion of floor radiators into the drawing    
Tabular fast selection of radiators with summary    
Quick calculation of installations performed without the need to declare the heat source
Showing insufficient elements




Technical requirements

The program runs under MS Windows (10, 11) 32bit and 64 bit.

The minimum hardware:

  • 1200 MHz processor, 
  • 4 GB RAM, 
  • 2 GB of free hard disk space,
  • A color monitor with a minimum screen resolution of 1024x768,
  • 500 MB free space on the hard drive,
  • Compatible graphics card with OpenGL 2.0 and higher: all new graphics cards on the market should meet the minimum hardware requirements;