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    Audytor SET - software for your designers




    Developed by SANKOM company, this series of programs constitute an excellent selection of tools for designing modern HVAC systems in buildings. The series include an application for heat load calculations.







What we do?

We are specialised in developing and publishing software supporting the process of sanitary systems design.
Our software is most popular among designers, students of sanitary and environmental engineering and many other people interested in fast, professional and correct designing of the sanitary systems for apartment and public utility buildings.
We cooperate with numerous international companies, manufacturers and distributors which offer products such as: fittings, radiators, pipes and other products for building and running sanitary systems.

Our products

Program for designing cold and hot water installations with circulation, and central heating and cooling installations.

The program is used to support the calculation of the heat load of rooms. In Audytor HL (OZC) designers can create 3D models of buildings and perform heat load calculations, and then apply results of their work designing heating systems.

The program is used to support graphic-aided design of new installations  of radiator and underfloor central heating. It also  supports the regulation of already existing installations (for example in buildings insulated) in residential and public buildings. The program also allows the design of pipe networks in ice water installations.


A quick calculation module that allows you to perform estimated calculations without having to draw all the elements of the installation.

FC module does not function independently without the CH, H2O or CC modules.

A plug-in for Autodesk® Revit®. It allows you to export form Autodesk® Revit® gbXML building’s model to Audytor OZC Pro. It also allows you to import installation’s project from Audytor SET Pro to Autodesk® Revit®


The program is used for graphic-aided design of cold, hot and circulating water installations in traditional, serial, tee and manifold systems in residential and public buildings. It also allows the selection of thermostatic valves in circulation systems.

Program performs quick selection of radiators and underfloor central heating in residential and public buildings. It gives the ability of reviewing the technical data of chosen equipment. The program is especially recommended for quick selection of equipment for the purpose of their valutation.



Our long-term experience, know-ledge and passion in creating dedicated software for HVAC applications, enable us to design and compute any software fitting your individual needs and expectations. We realize innovatory projects designed for IOS and Android devices.



Easy in use, web based applications are dedicated to fast radiator selection and heat demand calculation for building and its individual parts. The results of raditor selection are showed as a report containing types and dimensions of radiators matching to the input data.




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