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New Mobile Application - Audytor Smart

Audytor SMART is an app for a quick calculation of heating and cooling output of floors, walls and ceilings with internal pipes used to convey heating or cooling water.


The calculation is performed in accordance with EN 1264.


This app can be used for quick determination of technical parameters of floor / ceiling / wall heating and cooling:

  • required temperature and temperature drop of feed water;
  • unit output [w/m2] and total area output [W];
  • required pipe pitch, flow through pipes and pressure drop across pipes;
  • temperature of the heating or cooling surface.


The app enables flexible definition of structural parameters of floor heating and cooling, such as:

  • pipe fixing system and pipe diameter;
  • thickness of poured concrete or plaster above pipes;
  • thickness of thermal insulation;
  • floor slab structure.


The built-in diagnostic system verifies the conditions associated with the maximum pressure drop across one coil, prevents exceeded maximum length and allowable temperatures of the heating or cooling surfaces as necessary for human thermal comfort.

 You can download applications to your mobile phone.