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Audytor gbXML


Audytor gbXML - free plugin for Revit 2016 - 2021.




The Audytor GbXML plugin extends the capabilities of a standard shape of the building export to a gbXML file from Revit. By default, Revit does not always correctly export construction materials in which no thermal parameters are defined. In this situation, the material layers are not defined in the partitions exported to the gbXML file. It also happens that the construction of partitions is not exported.


Construction material without defined thermal properties


For materials with undefined thermal data, the Audytor GbXML completes the data automatically. Thermal data of other materials remain unchanged. The completed numeric values ​​are equal to zero or, if Revit does not allow a zero value, the nearest to zero. After completing the data, Audytor GbXML performs an export to the gbXML file.


Building material with thermal properties automatically completed by the Audytor GbXML.


Using the Audytor GbXML plugin allows you to obtain a gbXML file with partitions in which all material layers will always be defined.

After importing the gbXML file into the Audytor OZC 6.9 Pro, you must verify the properties of those building materials in which the thermal data has been automatically completed by the Audytor GbXML plugin.