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Audytor OZC

version 3.0/4.0/4.8/5.0 – this program was designed to support calculations of heat losses for the whole building and its individual parts.

The program calculates (Depending on the version):

  • heat-transfer coefficients for walls, floors, roofs and flat roofs
  • heat losses for individual rooms
  • heat loss for the whole building
  • heat balance for the apartment building heating period
  • energy performance certificate
  • annual energy consumption
  • radiators selection (nearly 25 000 items)



Short description

  • entering data in a table- and window-form
  • automatic suggestion system and validation of the entered data
  • a vast catalogue of building materials
  • the radiator catalogue contains a complete manufacturer documentation, organised in tree forms of the pdf browser.
  • a possibility of entering data and using it to specify length, area, k coefficient value, temperature and ventilation air stream capacity
  • a possibility of preliminary radiator selection for the rooms
  • a possibility of entering and saving the calculation results to Audytor CO

Global data

Building materials - a possibility of adding and defining your own building materials

Wall barriers - a possibility of adding and defining your own multi-layer and typical wall barriers

Defining construction of a wall barrier by choosing specific layers from the catalogue of building materials

Defining rooms in the building

Defining the rooms with wall barriers present in the building

Detailed calculation results concerning specific rooms

Detailed calculation results concerning wall barriers