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Trainings - details


KAN SET - the latest programs



We invite you to a free webinar on the latest KAN SET programs.


During the presentation we will present you:


the latest version of the Audytor H2O 7.0 SET program with many innovative features, enabling the design of internal water supply system enabling the design of internal water supply systems on developments, projections and in 3D

New program Audytor CH 7.0 SET for the design of central heating systems

New program Audytor CC 7.0 SET designed for the design of central cooling installations

NNew software Audytor SET integrates CO, CC i H2O modules into a set of mutually cooperating programs.


The presentation will also cover topics related to the cooperation of programs Audytor with the program Revit.


The webinar will be held on 14 January 2019 at 11:00 online



Presentation: Michał Strzeszewski.

We invite you to register.




- Videos from the training
- Demo versions of our software

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