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For manufacturers, distributors we offer the product promotion in form of:


Implementation of product catalogues in Audytor series programs

Popularity of our software guarantees that the technical catalogues of products cat get instantly to thousands of designers and then be used in their projects.

Audytor series programs allow the selection of following equipment: pipes, fittings, radiators, heat buffers, pomps and pomp groups, residential nodes and insulating materials.

Sponsored software development on the basis of Audytor series programs

WSponsored programs prepared for the needs of our partners enable effective promotion of HVAC equipment. Sponsored programs can complement your offer and constitute an additional element attaching the designers to your brand. 

Internet applications

Radiator Selection Calculator - application designed for quick selection of radiators. As a result of calculation the application displays the raport containig types and sizes of radiators that meet the output data. 

Heat Power Calculator - quick and easy calculator of thermal demand of rooms and entire buildings. HPC allows to determine in few minutes the approximate power that should be provided by the radiator to ensure the required amount of heat. The application allows also to determine the approximate power of the heat source located in the building. 

Tailor-made software

Our experience, knowledge and passion in specialistic software development used in heating industry will allow to develop any application orresponding to your needs and expectations. 

We realize also innovative projects for tablet and smartphones users.


Built-in messaging system allows to reach the users with the information about activities, products and marketing campaigns and trainings. S

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