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Audytor SET 7.3


How to take advantage of the new features of Audytor SET 7.3?



to fully use the new functionalities of CO module


  • buy CO update to 7.3 version
  • buy new FC module


to fully use the new functionalities of H2O module


  • download free update of H2O to 7.3 version
  • buy new FC module


to fully use the new functionalities of CC module


  • download free update of CC to 7.3 version
  • buy new FC module


if you use all modules (CC, CC, H2O) actively and you want to use all new features of SET


  • download free update of CC and H2O to 7.3 version
  • buy CO update to 7.3 version
  • buy new FC module



  1. Fast estimation of thermal power for rooms based on the room inserted in the drawing and the default data set in the program for the FC module.
  2. The FC module makes it possible to perform calculations of installation sections as soon as they are drawn and thus check their correct description, making the designing faster, easier and more controlled. After completing the full structure of the installation, we get the effect of full calculations.
  3. It is possible to select the elements of installation without drawing the full structure of the network, as long as the necessary data for the selection of these elements are declared (applies to the module CO, CC, H2O):
  • Estimated selection of radiators on the basis of power and internal temperature for the room and default radiator supply parameters (applies to CH).
  • Selection of pipe diameter on the basis of the necessary flow rate for the designated recipient or water intake point (applies to CH, CC, H2O).
  • Fast selection of floor radiators on the basis of analysis of room parameters (applies to CH).
  • Possibility to perform hydraulic calculations with adjustments for a drawn part of the installation (applies to CC, CH, H2O).
  1. Improvements in the design process of surface installations with the use of the fast calculator allowing also to determine the cooling capacity of surface radiators for installations operating in switching mode (heating/cooling) (for the possibility of estimating cooling, the CC and CH module must be active).


The FC module installed together with the Audytor CH, Audytor CC or Audytor H2O modules extends their capabilities with additional functions to simplify design and preliminary preparation of project assumptions.

FC module does not function independently without the CH, H2O or CC modules


FC module installed with other modules enables:






Simplified Φhl power calculations    
Fast selection of radiators with division of heating system    
Automatic and manual mode of floor radiators selection    
Possibility of automatic insertion of floor radiators into the drawing    
Tabular fast selection of radiators with summary    
Quick calculation of installations performed without the need to declare the heat source
Showing insufficient elements


The latest version of Auditor SET, working with the CH, CC and H2O modules in version 7.3, will allow you to take advantage of several new features to automate your work.


Install the program and register your license in version 7.3 or upgrade the program with an annual license to the latest version and use the following features: 


Drawing connections to floor radiators with one pipe    
Converting connections into supply and return pipes in the final drawing    
Automatic connection of selected floor radiators to manifolds    
Possibility to draw pipes as curves / continuous / sections

Upgrade your Auditor SET to the latest version for free and you will get the following features:


Expanded tabular label   
New printout of the bill of materials
Possibility to declare automation    
Automatic selection of locations of underfloor radiators     
Ability to add new points to connections
Possibility to insert the concept of selecting underfloor radiators    
Additional bill of materials includes all devices
Display of errors in the form of exclamation marks for unconnected pipes