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Audytor SET

Program for designing cold and hot water installations with circulation, and central heating and cooling installations.

The Audytor SET program, as well as the company customized version created on its basis containing products from your assortment, will allow to reach with information about the company and its products to many potential recipients.


Audytor SET 7.0 - What's new?


The Audytor SET program combines calculations of cold and hot water installation with circulation and central heating and cooling installations in one project.

Faster installation designing

The program allows simultaneous input and modification of water supply, heating and cooling installations, which significantly improves the design process.



Simple analysis of possible installation collisions

A common 3D model of all three installations facilitates the analysis of installation collisions occurring in the project.



An efficient system for large installations

The proprietary (graphic engine enables the design of very large installations containing even several thousand items, receivers and taps.



Export of installations to Autodesk Revit

Designed installations can easily be exported to the Revit program together with the technical data of the selected pipes and devices: diameters, settings, sizes of radiators and physical quantities: the speed of the medium, the power of heaters, pressure losses, etc.



Free viewer for sanitary projects

The program without license keys can be used for viewing and printing projects and viewing the results of the selection of installation elements.









Technical requirements

The program runs under MS Windows (Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10) 32bit and 64 bit. The minimum hardware:

1200 MHz processor, 
1 GB RAM, 
A color monitor with a minimum screen resolution of 1024x768,
200 MB free space on the hard drive,
Compatible graphics card with OpenGL 2.0 and higher,
All new graphics cards on the market should meet the minimum hardware requirements;Graphics card integrated with the motherboard: minimum GMA 500;